The Magician

In this picture we see a strong young man, a magician, whose posture assumes the the shape of the letter ALEPH. He leans slightly towards with his left. At the same, the posture suggests the ancient truth which the great Chaldean initiate Hermes Trismegistos teaches in his TABULA SMARAGDINA HERMETIS: As above, so below.’

The young man is dressed in garb of curious colour. He is wearing a hat which, on careful examination, turns out not to be a hat all. The crown of the supposed hat is the man’s own head, a closed red circle symbolising his eternal spirit, his higher Self. Part of the circle is covered by the brim of the hat so that we do not see all of his head. This denotes that he is not yet fully conscious in this spirit, that there is still a great deal in his unconscious, in the invisible part of himself. The colour red indicate that the spirit, positive-giving, is a divine fire. It is in a closed circle because it can never show itself in the external world of matter. The spirit belongs to another world. In the world of matter it is invisible and cannot be perceived by any sense-organ. That is why it reguire an instrument of manifestation through which it can can reveal itself directly as idea, thought or knowledge. The instrument is the intellet, symbolised by the brim if the hat. This brim has the shape of the sign used by mathematicians to denote`infinity’, an 8 in a horizontal position: The edge of the brim is yellow, the colour of reason, and the inside of the brim is green, the symbol of sympathy, godwill and amity. The young magician thus manifesthis invisible, fiery, eternal spiri — which has never been born and therfore will never die — through the boundless infinity of thought and know – ledge, but also through sympathy, goodwill and amity.

On his torso we see a red, tight fitting tunic with a blue collar and a blue stripe down the front. The tunic is tight for the simple reason that it is not a tunic at all, but his own body. Red symbolises his spiritual being, which, like his head, is positive-giving. The blue of the collar and centre stripe edge in white symbolises his pure, selfless love of mankind. He bear this selfless love within, but also allows himself to be led by this universal love within, but allows himself to be led by this universal love of mankind on his path through this world. This is shown by his legs which bear him along his earthly path and are clad in blue stockings.

His arms symbolise the two great polar principles of creation, the active- masculine, positve-giving pole, and the passive-femine, negative-receiving pole. His arms are clothed in several coloured layers. This means that the magician uses his arms and hands in many different ways: with reason, as his arms and hands in many different ways: with reason, assymbolised by yellow, and with good intentions and goodwill towards his fellow-men, as indicated by green, while under these two layers he wears a blue, tight-fitting, knitted garment,which, like the blue stripe on his torso, shows his own true being. The red cuffs denote that he continues to radiate spiritual, giving power, even if he lets himself be guided in his activity and work by his selfless love of mankind and by his humanity.

On the blue centre panel of his tunic we see five buttons

The are his five sense-organs through which he links himself, his inner world, with the extern world!